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Haochuang Material

Meet the needs of customers in different industries and create differentiated products for customers' private customization


Shandong Haochuang Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and trade. Headquartered in the Economic Development Zone of Dezhou City, Shandong Province, the factory is located in Xiqing District, Tianjin, with convenient transportation. The company is committed to providing quality products and professional solutions for rubber, coatings, inks, paper, daily chemicals, food, adhesives, plastics, building materials, metallurgy, chemical fiber, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, aerospace and other fields. Nowadays, it has gradually become a well-known material supplier in domestic and abroad. Based on the domestic market, the company has increased its development in global markets. The company's products have passed ISO9001: 2000,SGS etc. At present, the products have been exported to dozens of countries and regions such as India, Iran, Brazil, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey, Pakistan, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Germany, North Korea and Russia.

Company profile

Shandong Haochuang Material Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production and trade. 



Professional Service

High quality


With professional and honest attitude, we have established good business relations with many famous chemical enterprises at home and abroad, and won the trust and praise of users in various industries.

With professional service and high-quality product, we have won expanding influence in domestic and abroad. 

Create differentiated products for "private customization" of customers; the company always adheres to the management of international and domestic first-line brand products, research and development and create competitive independent brand products.

Adhering to the concept of green and sustainable development and developing circular economy, it is widely used in polymer and new material industries.

We are willing to go hand in hand with domestic and foreign merchants to achieve win-win cooperation and create a better tomorrow.


  • Silicon and DMC price keeps increasing after Holiday

    Silicon and DMC price keeps increasing after Holiday

    Silicon Powder price increases since Jan. and keeps increase after Spring Festival, which leads to the price of fumed silica increases.Besides the price of silica, freight increases a lot.In order to supporting customers, we lower the price of hydrophobic fumed silica but increacing price for hydrop

  • Silica Tendency in the first month of 2024

    Silica Tendency in the first month of 2024

    DMC prices continue to rise. Raw material prices rose last week. Some monomer plants have maintenance plans in early January. Monomer operating rates are about to decline. Monomer plants are closed and reluctant to sell. The spot circulation of DMC has declined. At the same time, downstream enthusia

  • Fumed Silica used for Battery

    Fumed Silica used for Battery

    Colloidal lead-acid batteries are an improvement on ordinary lead-acid batteries with liquid electrolyte. Colloidal electrolyte replaces sulfuric acid electrolyte. It is improved compared to ordinary batteries in terms of safety, storage capacity, discharge performance and service life. As one of th

  • Attend the CHIN COAT in Shanghai 2023

    Attend the CHIN COAT in Shanghai 2023

    Shandong Haochuang Material attend the CHINACOAT held in Shanghai NOV.15-17,2023.This is the biggest show after the since the COVID years. In order to have more communications with more customers after so long close time, shandong haochuang set a booth and invites old customers for meetings. We gave

  • Silica Tendency

    Silica Tendency

    The game of supply and demand in the organic silicon market continues, DMC’s mainstream quotation is $1800-1850/ton, and some transactions are slightly discounted. Specifically, the start-up load of monomer factories has increased, the supply is abundant, and the willingness of enterprises to ship i

  • Black pigment which is better, carbon black or organic pigment?

    Black pigment which is better, carbon black or organic pigment?

    In short, carbon black is an inorganic pigment. Now most of the black pigments are colored with carbon black. There are few black organic pigments, and the performance is not as good as that of carbon black, and the weather resistance is poor. Let's talk about the advantages of black pigment carbon

  • Hydrophobic silica

    Hydrophobic silica

    Hydrophobic silica: hydrophobic fumed silica is generally the product after treatment. Different types of fumed silica or precipitated silica can be used as raw materials to react with appropriate compounds by silalkyl groups; this product is hydrophobic due to the surface connection of non hydrolyz

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