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Black pigment which is better, carbon black or organic pigment?

In short, carbon black is an inorganic pigment. Now most of the black pigments are colored with carbon black. There are few black organic pigments, and the performance is not as good as that of carbon black, and the weather resistance is poor. Let's talk about the advantages of black pigment carbon black over organic pigment.

Compared with black organic pigments, carbon black coloring is more environmentally friendly and pollution-free, with sun resistance, heat resistance and weather resistance, and black is continuously bright, without fading, fading and other phenomena, but it is not as bright as organic pigments in the early stage of coloring. Carbon black coloring is widely used in ink, coating, paint, plastic products, building materials and other materials.

Organic pigments are mainly used for coloring other colors, such as red, blue and green. In the black field, the use of carbon black for coloring is the mainstream.

To sum up, the use of black colorant, or choose pigment carbon black.

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