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Product Detail

Hydrophobic fumed silica

  • 商品说明

      HYDROPHILIC Fumed Silica                                                                                                   HYDROPHOBIC Fumed Silica

It’s nano amorphous silica with high   purity, it canbe dispersed in water


Reactive   silane-treated silica based on hydrophilic products. It’s hydrophobic, cannot   be dispersed in water



 Weak   acid, neutral

Aqueous phase products

Applicable   System

 Oil phase products

                               HC150 , HC200

                              HC300,  HC380 


Product   Grade

PDMS-Treated: HCSIL 152, HCSIL202

DDS-Treated: HCSIL 151, HCSIL201

HMDS-Treated: HCSIL 153,HCSIL 203,HCSIL383


Can be wetted and dispersed in water


Product   FEATURES

Low hygroscopicity, good dispersibility,   rheological adjustment for polar system products; little effect on viscosity   even at high dosage in liquid phase products   

Reinforcement for silicone elastomers,  

thickening for non-polar liquids,   flow aid 

for food & industrial powders, insulation 

properties even at high temperature





Thickening   for polar liquids; rheology control during processing procedures;   reinforcement of silicone elastomers; Good hydrophobicity to improve   corrosion resistance; improvement of dielectric properties; powder flow aid;   Improve scratch resistance  

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